Updated: 25 January 2020

Here you can find infos about the development of the DÜWAG TW6000 project, in chronological order. At first, let’s see how it started!

The project started in March 2017, at this time with SketchUp. When the body started to look like the original, we started to make texture photos and measuring what’s possible, in order to make the model as realistic as we could.

We also visited public days at the depots, where we spent most of our time on the so-called ‘Hannoveri’ trams, because for some reason, we always forgot to measure or take photos of 1 or 2 things.

In OMSI, the tram appeared first in 20 June 2017. At this time, the tram looked really far from being done, there weren’t even textures at some places. In December 2017, some basic functions were already working, e. g. the display, the indicator, the lights, etc, but the model was still unfinished.

At the beginning of 2018, we were heavily thinking about changing to 3DS Max, and the decision was only brought in the summer. In June, we started the model from the beginning, so everything that was made up to this moment, was thrown in the trash. On the other hand, we’ve got a better and more realistic model.

The development of the project was not continous, there were shorther and also longer gaps, sometimes we spent more time with other projects, but this one never stopped. While the body wasn’t even done, we’ve already started to make the interior, for example, the emergency brake, the handrails or the seats were made.

On 16 September, one day after the LOTUS Early Access released, many things have changed. The model got textures, the stairs got cut, the coupler and the frame on the roof were made, so the tram started to look like the original.

Meanwhile, some German guys started making a map, which also contained Hannover, so we decided to also make the original Hannover version of the tram, because not so many things were changed when they were put in service in Budapest. At this time, we were thinking, wether we should make the tram only for LOTUS, or also for OMSI. We chose the first option, so in the middle of October (when we finally bought the program), we started to get familiar with it.

In 2019, well, we can say that many things happened, but it would be hard to make a list of everything. In February, we posted some pictures on the LOTUS Forum, which showed more versions of the headlights, 2 types of speedometers and the interior. A little bit long silence came next, but of course, we continued the project.

Since September, we’re working mainly on the driver’s cabin and the dashboard, but don’t forget to mention other things. For example, the roof got new textures, the passenger information monitor and the windows were also made.

In January 2020 not many things happened, because we were working on our website, where we can post about our projects.

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