This post won’t be updated anymore, the development can be followed on Gergő’s Facebook page. The post was last updated on 10 February 2020.

On this page, you can read about a project made by Gergő Szabó, one of our partners.

The project started in summer 2019, at first, just for practice. The result of this was an Ikarus 405, but let’s talk about that later. In the beginning of August, Gergő started the model of the Ikarus 412. Unfortunately, neither the 412.10A nor the 412.10C versions had available blueprints on the internet, so he used the one for the 412.02 version.

After that, he started measuring the bus, in order to get a realistic model. Many people helped him, among others, some members of our team, too.

Then he published the first pictures about it. Later, he corrected and improved many parts of the model and added some details on both of the interior and the exterior. When the interior was ready to be published, he made a 360° panorama picture, and we posted it on our Facebook page. Later, the development was slowed down, because he had to focus on his studies.

[HUN]Sziasztok!Tekintettel arra, hogy az Ikarus 412-es készítésébe besegítünk Szabó Gergőnek, közösen úgy döntöttünk…

Közzétette: The Creators – 2019. december 3., kedd

Up to February 2020, many things have changed. The dashboard and the steering wheel are done, but the texture of the gearbox buttons nedds to be changed. The seats got legs and other interior models have been improved.

Some minor, but important changes happened to the exterior, too. The place of the passenger informations display is now based on correct data, and more little errors have been fixed.

The bus also has wheels based on the original, but these will be updated later. Some hawk-eyed readers might have realised, that this is actually the 412.10A version. The 412.10C version is also planned, and if possible, also the 412.10B version may come later.