Hi everyone!
Well, it’s been more than a year since we last wrote a news review. It’s time for catching up, isn’t it? Let’s see what happened in 2023, not just around OMSI and LOTUS, we’ll also talk about SimRail and TheBus.

WIP projects

AddOn Berlin Linie 300 & Solaris Urbino 18 Electric

The project was presented in the end of October on the website of Halycon Media. The line 300 runs between S+U Warschauer Straße and Philharmonie Süd. Along the route you’ll see many landmarks, such as East Side Gallery, Alexanderplatz (Rotes Rathaus) and the museum island (Museumsinsel). The AddOn will also include the Solaris Urbino 18 Electric bus in BVG version.

Add-on Citybus O530

Kajott has been fairly quiet since the release of his Conecto pack. In the end of October, he announced that he’s currently working on his Citaro, which was released earlier in beta version. Since that release he completely reworked the bus, it got new models, textures, sounds, scripts. Overall 132 versions will be available in the new pack, including:

  • 12 m solo
  • 12 m Ü (interurban)
  • 12 m CNG
  • 13 m MÜ (longer interurban)
  • 15 m L (3-axle)
  • 15 m LÜ (3-axle interurban)
  • 18 m G (articulated)
  • 18 m G CNG (CNG articulated)
  • 18 m GÜ (interurban articulated)

All of those will be available with many different door layouts, 8 types of engine and 4 types of transmission, as well as 83 setvars with overall 219 options, which can also be changed in-game. The pack will contain 600 real and semi-real repaints.


Bielefeld can be found halfway between Hannover and Dortmund, north of Paderborn. With 300,000 inhabitants is this city the most populated one in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region.

The project began with the lines 38 and 138, and later 4 more lines (24, 30, 32, 33) might be added.

Further infos and pictures can be found on webdisk.

Kravtex Econell

The most numerous bus type in Hungary is currently the domestically produced Credo Econell 12 by the Kravtex-Kühne group. The first series (MMT) is 10 years old this year, and the type is still being ordered by Volánbusz Zrt.

According to the team, every series is planned for the project with their correspondent interior, lights and many more minor differencies. Even the 3-door urban version is planned, pictures about that will be available on the creators’ (not ours 🙂 ) website.

The buses look OK on the outside, no models are missing, so mostly the scripts are left.

Also the Econell Next is planned, which was presented IRL 2 years ago. The bus is made on a completely new base. So far only the models are in progress, those are 80% done. Every other scripts, animations, physics, etc. will come after the earlier Econell types.

More infos about the project can be found on their Facebook page and the hmteam.hu website.
Currently the HMTeam website is under maintenance.


This southern-bavarian style fictional map is located in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, and will contain a nearly 1-hour-long route. The map leads us through small towns and villages, forests, challenging narrow roads and beautiful scenery. The project’s been developed for more than 8 years, but we’re getting new infos and pictures about it on webdisk.

Projekt Szeged

It’s been a while since our interview with the developer. Infos about the map can be found on his Facebook page, the author also publishes his repaints and sign packs there.

The last update about the map released in spring, we can see Makkosház terminus in the pictures.

Rocar De Simon v2.0

We wrote about the release of the v1.0 version in the end of summer 2021. Since then, the scripts, textures and sounds have received an update. Based on the type’s origins, we’ll also be able to drive the Italian Starbus UL70 and also the Bucharest version.

This summer, a video was published about the 3 types included in the v2.0 version.

More pictures can be found on webdisk.

Setra S2xx
Long Vehicle’s Team

After the release of the O303 DLC, the team started working again on the Setra S200 series. Just like their other projects, these buses will be highly detailed. Planned are the S213UL, S215H and SG221UL types.

The SG221UL will have a Mercedes-Benz OM407h engine. 2 versions are planned, a regional one with 1-2-2-0 door layout and an urban one with 2-2-2-0 door layout.

Ticket selling will be available with an Almex A90, as well as the well-known classic German cash register. We’ll also be able to choose between Rollband and flipdot external displays. More setvar options will be available, such as mirrors, dashboard and many others which aren’t revealed yet.

For more infos and pictures, visit the team’s Facebook group.

Volvo 8000 series
Nano, volvorider, RATTI

2 years ago in April, we wrote about this project (or as it was called then: The 8700/8700LE). Since then, the project got expanded with volvorider‘s 8900LE (which was also presented by us among the LOTUS projects), the 8500 and 8500LE and the Finnish Scania N, L, K series.

This year, RATTI was working on the sounds, here you can hear the Volvo B12BLE DH12E-340 engine sounds. More external and internal sounds can be found on Webdisk hallhattok, including the sounds of the Volvo 8900 B8RLE.

There were rumors about building a Scandinavian themed map for the buses, but no details could be found about that. This summer, Nano shared some pictures about street objects and bus stops, based on those, we might get an interurban map located around Helsinki, but nothing is sure currently.

More pics, sound recordings and infos about the project can be found on Webdisk Forum, we highly recommend following them. 😉

Released projects

Add-on Agora Bus-Familie Stadtbus vol. 1

In this French DLC, we can drive the Renault Agora type, which was produced between 1995 and 2002. The pack offers 2 and 3-door solo as well as 3 and 4-door articulated versions, all with Euro 2 engine and 4-speed ZF automatic transmission. The Add-On can be purchased on Steam for €17.95.

Add-on Agora Bus-Familie Stadtbus vol. 2

After the Vol. 1, the Vol. 2 released as a separate DLC. Similar to the Vol. 1, this pack contains 2 and 3-door solo as well as 3 and 4-door articulated versions, but this time with Irisbus logo, Euro 3 engine, VDV and RVI dashboards. Like the previous edition, this Add-On can be purchased on Steam for € 17.95.

Add-on C2-Familie Vol. 1 Stadtbusse
European OMSI Developer Team

After long years of waiting and a number of different release dates, this DLC finally became available on 27 June. The pack offers 7 different Citaros:

  • C2 K, 10.5 m “maxi midi”, 2 doors
  • C2 K, 10.5 m “maxi midi”, 3 doors
  • C2, 12 m solo, 2 doors
  • C2, 12 m solo, 3 doors
  • C2 LE, 12 m Low Entry, 2 doors
  • C2 G, 18 m articulated, 3 doors
  • C2 G, 18 m articulated, 4 doors

The buses have a number of different setvars, so many parts of the bus (e.g. seat layout, handrails) can be customized. The pack only contains Euro 6 versions, Euro 5 and EEV variants are not included.

Those are not missing from the game however, as dsgn.mx200 released his freeware C2 pack last December on Webdisk, which offers about 30 different versions from the 10.5 m C2 K all the way to the 21 m CapaCity L.

Add-on Coachbus 303-Series
Long Vehicle’s Team

The Long Vehicle’s Team, which is mostly known for their Ikarus DLCs, released their Mercedes-Benz O303 DLC in the middle of June. The pack includes the German prototype O303 15RHD, the Spanish prototype Hispano Alcotan and the Turkish prototype Otomarsan O303. The first 2 is equipped with 388 HP OM442 V8, the latter one with 372 HP OM422 V8 engine. Although the buses have setvars, not every one of them are available on all 3 variants.

Add-on Heuliez Bus-Pack GX x37 Diesel-Edition
Acrotere Design

In February, Acrotere released another Heuliez DLC, this time the x37 family, which is produced since 2014. The pack contains the following types:

  • 9.5 m GX137 (2 doors)
  • 10.75 m GX137L (2 doors)
  • 12 m GX337 (2/3 doors)
  • 12 m GX337 CNG (3 doors)
  • 18 m GX437 (3/4 doors)

The buses are available with 4 different engine and also 4 different gearbox types, as well as several options for customization through setvars.

Add-on Heuliez Bus-Pack GX x37 Elektro-Edition
Acrotere Design

As the DLC released in February focused on diesel and CNG buses, this never one released in December offers vehicles with alternative drive, namely electric and hybrid versions. The following types are included:

  • 10.745 m GX137L Electric (2 doors)
  • 12 m GX337 Electric (2 and 3 doors)
  • 12 m GX337 Electric prototype (2 doors)
  • 12 m GX337 Hybrid (2 and 3 doors)
  • 18 m GX437 Electric (3 doors)
  • 18 m GX437 Hybrid (3 and 4 doors)

Add-on Hohenkirchen
CETO Design

This fictional map has been developed for a while and finally released in September. The map includes 4 driveable lines, the longest one has about 50 minutes of driving time and provides connection between 2 cities. The DLC also contains 2 driveable buses, namely an MAN A20 in Euro 5 and Euro 6 versions and a 3-door Iveco Urbanway 18. The scenery of the map is simply breathtaking, definitely worth checking out.

Add-on Irisbus Familie Überland Evadys
Kescrole AddOns

The Irisbus Evadys was released in the end of July. This DLC is kind of the predecessor of the one released in February, as it includes the pre-2016 version of the Evadys, produced by Irisbus. The Add-On contains 2 variants, the Evadys H for regional services and the Evadys HD for long-distance operations and touristic purposes. Some parts of the buses can be customized through setvars, such as the displays, wheels, door openers and the gearbox type.

Add-on IVECO Bus-Familie Überland Evadys
Kescrole Addons

The Iveco Evadys family was released in February, and it contains the types Evadys Line 13 and Evadys Pro 13, which are produced since 2016. The buses come with 13 setvars with 36 options overall, for example, the displays, wheels, door openers, gearbox type, etc. can be customized.

Add-on IVECO Bus-Familie Urbanway

Looks like February was the month of Ivecos and French content. In this month, the Iveco Urbanway family was released, which comes in diesel and CNG, 2 and 3-door solo, 3 and 4-door articulated versions. Many things are customizable, such as door type, seat layout, internal displays.

Add-On MAN SL200
Sergey Panyukov

The Mercedes-Benz O305 was released… or wait, something’s wrong. So in the end of July, the MAN SL200 DLC was released. This type was produced between 1973 and 1978 in West Germany according to the VöV standards. The Add-On contains 2 variants, the urban version with VöV front and the interurban version with StÜLB front. The bus offers some setvars, which can be changed in-game as well.

Add-on MAN Überland Lion’s Intercity LE
Nick Zimmermann

Nick Zimmermann might sound familiar to you, he took part in the development of some DLCs, for example the MAN DN95 or the C2 family DLC mentioned above. In October, he released another DLC, which gives us the new MAN Lion’s Intercity LE interurban Low-Entry bus. The Add-On contains 2 variants, a 12.5 m and a 13 m one, both come with ZF and Voith gearbox as well as 1-2-0 and 2-2-0 door layouts. The buses can be customized through 24 setvars. Among others, we can set the power of the engine (280, 320 or 360 HP), add hybrid modul, change the mirrors, doors, etc.

Add-On S41XLE Business Series
notio 3D

In the end of November, the game’s available bus fleet got extended with the Setra S41x LE Business types. The pack contains the 12 m standard and facelift S415LE Business, the 13 m facelift S416LE Business and the 14 m facelift S418LE Business variants. All variants come with automatic and manual gearbox as well as different door layouts. Some setvars are also available, such as mirrors, displays, luggage racks, seat types, etc.

Berlin 100

Berlin’s famous sightseeing bus, the line 100 was released in March. Similarly to line 300, this line also runs along major landmarks. The line starts at the zoo (S+U Zoologischer Garten/Hertzallee), goes via the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, then joins line 300 on the Museumsinsel. A presentation video by iajer can be seen below. The map is available on Webdisk.

Blankwitz V2

The 2nd version of Blankwitz was released in January, and extends the previous version massively. The new extension offers breathtaking scenery, challenging narrow streets and 7 new lines. The map requires the Hamburg-Hafencity, Rheinhausen and Citybus O305 DLCs and several freeware addons, which are not included but available. The map can be downloaded from Webdisk.

Borsod Region

The Borsod Region released in last December received a small update in January, which is available on our site in the Downloads>Maps menu. This update mostly contains bugfixes, for example timetable corrections, addition of missing things, destination signs for the Ikarus buses by Bustrainz, hof extensions.

This map is the upgraded and extended version of the 4051 – Sajószentpéter-Alacska map, dating from the Omsi+ era. This version includes 4 lines in total, all of them in the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county in Hungary:

  • 4048: Kazincbarcika – Berente
  • 4049: Berente – Sajószentpéter – Sajólászlófalva – Kondó – Varbó
  • 4050: Kazincbarcika – Sajószentpéter – Kondó – Varbó
  • 4051: Sajószentpéter – Alacska

Kazincbarcika has a depot as well, so the buses can be washed and refueled. The timetable of the map is real, although the tours are not, so empty runs might occur.

Grande Porto 2022 (semi-real)

Bruno leads us to the city of Porto in northwestern Portugal. We’re able to drive on busy streets in the city, through rural fields, along the coastline, urban, interurban, shopping, airport transfer or sightseeing bus services. The map contains real scenery and buildings, and to enhance the feeling, even the passengers are speaking Portugese. 😉

This massive project features 10 towns, 300 km road network and 94 bus lines with driving times varying between 15 and 75 minutes. The map can be downloaded from Webdisk.

Ikarus pack
Szabó’s workshop

Like thunder from bright sky, the Ikarus pack by Szabó’s workshop was released in June. The pack includes the following bus types, most of them was mentioned on our site earlier:

  • Ikarus C63
  • Ikarus 263 and 263GT
  • Ikarus 293
  • Ikarus 405
  • Ikarus 412
  • Ikarus 415 and 415T
  • Ikarus 435 and 435T

The pack can be downloaded from MEGA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These buses are not finished.
The pack contains an earlier version of the passenger information system developed by our team. We’re currently working on the development of this system, as well as making an overhaul to these buses. Some types already received their upgrade, those can be found in the Downloads>Vehicles menu, we recommend to use them.

Prague Citybus – linka 143 & 180

The Pragues 143 map received an upgrade, which includes the line 180. This line runs between Dejvická and Zličín shopping centre, and shares a short, 4-stops-long section with line 143. The whole line has 20 stops with a driving time of 45 minutes. More infos, pics, development notes and download link can be found on the author’s website.

Vanhool pack
Agora Citelis

In the end of summer, we received a Belgian Van Hool pack. This pack offers 6 types, produced from 1985, including the smallest of the family, the 7.68 m A507 midi variant. The other types included in the pack are: A600, A500, A508, AG700, AG500. The pack can be downloaded from Webdisk.

15 September 2018. How long has it been, 5 years? Why is this date so important? That’s when LOTUS simulator was released into Early Access. It’s been a while since that happened, but the game couldn’t fully take over what OMSI has to offer. A lot of things were put in the game since the beginning that moved it closer to the final release, like AI, passengers, timetable, etc., but every update made it seem like they were stuck in one place. The fact that the game lacked optimization didn’t help. But what changed this year? Well not much… what I would say except they added articulation physics, ticket selling became a thing, and the base for safety systems were introduced. Since then some bug fixes came, but since the middle of summer they didn’t make new any statements, until October.

In the middle of October, they announced that they will stop working on their own game engine, and switch to Unity instead, and a new developer joined their small team. But why is this good for us? Firstly, the developers expect performance increase, and easier Linux porting as well. The “side effect” is that instead of Object Pascal, they will use C# to write LOTUS. The script language is also going to be C#, but the developers are creating a script converter, so that the already existing expansions can be used again easily.
We will see what comes out of it, and what the future brings, until then, let’s see the work in progress projects for LOTUS, which showed activity.

WIP projects

AddOn – Stadtbus Hamburg
Darius Bode

The work doesn’t stop at Darius’ office either, after releasing the Hamburg DLCs to Omsi, he is guiding us to line 172, now in LOTUS.

The map will show the 2005 state of the city. Detailed descripton and more pictures can be found on his website or on Steam.

Berlin Linie 50

Linie 50 is located in northern Berlin, between Guyo strasse and Virchow-Klinikum, 32 stops, and a travel time of 42 minutes.

Building started 4 years ago, in November 2019, from Björn strasse towards Guyo strasse. The project was put on hold for some time, due to lack of desire and/or time.
However, starting in the middle of March, the building was resumed, starting with fixing the already done areas.

The creator is working on making the map multiplayer mode compatible. For more pictures and information, visit the official LOTUS forum.

Berlin M13 WEI

Let’s continue with a Berlin line again, line 13 Metrotram. The line is from Virchov-Klinikum and terminates at Warschauer strasse S-Bahn station. The line’s west terminus (Virchov-Klinikum) shares the same route as line 50 through 12 stops, which we wrote about in an earlier article.

From the project’s name it reveals that the building starts in Weißensee district, Weißensee remise —Pasedagplatz (12,27) section, then between the M4 Berliner Alle / Indira-Gandhi-Str. — Zingster straße section, part of which is used by the M13’s remise runs to and from Lichtenberg remise.

The construction to the southern Warschauer Str. would only begin after this.
You can find more videos on the currently done section and the built-in extent on the creator’s Youtube channel, and more pictures on the official LOTUS forum.

The map is going to be half real – half fictive, since the creator used the most buildings from base objects.

Weißser see — Hansastr./Buschallee szakasz

Nutzer 5.158

Büssingshein is a fictive city in the center of Germany, with 1100mm gauge. The map will receive 8 tram lines, two of which north-south and east-west orientated, as well as 4 more from the city center to the suburbs.

The building started in the end of November 2022, since then we got many pictures from the map, it promises to be quite demanding based on these.
The release was not mentioned yet by the creator, but after the release we will be able to play it in multiplayer mode. More on the official LOTUS forum.

Freeware AddOn Leipzig

We already discussed this project (earlier), videos of lines 11 and 12 were published in a simpler and more spectacular form.
This March, we received a video on the ČKD Tatra tram’s Bombardier NB4 trailer cars, and in July another on the unique buildings of Augustusplatz.

Lotus Stuttgart

U5 and U6 Stadtbahn lines will be available to drive on this map, in diverse underground and above-ground sections.
U5 is 22 stops with a travel time of 29 minutes, from south of the city center, Killesberg to Leinfelden, and U6 is 43 stops with a travel time of 52 minutes, from the city’s west region to also south, covering U5’s line, to the airport, between Gerlingen — Flughafen / Messe.

The map contains real lines, real environment and real buildings.

More pictures on the official LOTUS forum, HERE.

Mülheim an der Ruhr 2005

The map would present the 1000mm gauge tram network of Mülheim, which previously had a more colorful network. Construction started with line 110 and continued with line 102.

Due to the 2005 conditions, the buildings’ construction and exact looks the map got a half real tag, thus it’s made up of already existing buildings, but the creator added that apart from the city hall, wants to see more real, downtown defining buildings on the map.

Regarding the building of line network, roads and infrastructure the creator makes sure to make it in the most accurate and as real as possible way.
According to the pictures on the simulator’s official forum, the creator does pay attention to this, – of course, we don’t know the conditions from that time – but the pictures on their own are revealing and atmospheric.

Projekt Wiener U-Bahn – U4 & Siemens Type-V
Fabian13, BELLA CIAO

This project started in 2018, shortly after the Early Access release of LOTUS, we didn’t write about it in earlier articles, because we didn’t see any significant progress since the start.

The “ice” broke, after the end of 2021, some fresh information were released this summer. The construction is progressing slowly but surely, the last info from November says that the map between Heiligenstadt and Landstaße is drivable, this contains 7 stations and a travel time of 9 minutes (out of 29 minutes for the whole line). To read more about the project, click here.

BELLA CIAO builds Siemens Type V for the U4, which you can read about here.


Roland15’s name might be familiar from the work in progress Hamburg78 DLC, last year between two holidays, presented the long-in-the-making Rheinhausen map.

We will be able to drive 5 tram lines on the map, two of which are already done, line 2 and 3. Bus lines aren’t out of the picture, but for now it’s AI only.

Released projects

Budapest metro line M2 & Ev type metro

Many, mostly from the past, maps and vehicles can be linked to the creator, such as the Millenium Underground Railway, the 1000 series tram or the Óbuda map (set in the 70s).
Metro line M2 was released in the beginning of April, and the corresponding Metrowagonmash Ev type continued the retro factor. The soviet metro cars that defined the city’s metro lines, were pulled from service on line M2 more than a decade ago, and on line M3 these types last ran in spring of 2018. Thanks to Bzmot332, the M2 line’s before renovation stations can be driven through with these trains.

Bzmot332’s released projects can be found and downloaded from the LOTUS simulator’s Steam workshop.

Hannover Linie 10 + 17 & LHB TW2000

Previously, we actively monitored the construction of the map and tram, as it creates a perfect environment for our TW6000. We were about to summarize what the creators were up to this year, when on the second day of Christmas they released an early version of the map, and the tram as well. As it’s not yet fully finished, only a part of line 10 is drivable, and the tram still has a few faults. Both can be downloaded from the Steam workshop.

After the game’s release in 2021, they promised to make the modding tool public, in which we can make our own maps. The game’s development was broken down to 3 phases, which can be followed on their Trello page. On the Phase 1 release, we got the Berlin’s TXL (S+U Alexanderplatz – Flughafen Tegel) line with an 18 meter Scania Citywide.

By purchasing the game, you can currently drive on several Berlin lines, with more than 5 types:

Drivable lines in Berlin:

  • Linie 100 S+U Zoologischer Garten ◄► S+U Alexanderplatz
  • Linie 123 S+U Hauptbahnhof ◄► Mäckeritzwiesen
  • Linie 200 S+U Zoologischer Garten ◄► Michelangelostr.
  • Linie 245 S+U Zoologischer Garten ◄► S+U Friedrichstr.
  • Linie 300 S+U Warschauer Str. ◄► Philharmonie Süd
  • Linie TXL S+U Alexanderplatz ◄► Flughafen Tegel

Drivable bustypes:

  • Scania Citywide LF 11M 2 and 3 door (solo)
  • Scania Citywide LF 12M 2 and 3 door (solo)
  • Scania Citywide LF 18M 3 and 4 door (articulated)
  • MAN Lion’s City DD
  • Mercedes-Benz eCitaro 2 and 3 door (solo)
  • Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G 3 and 4 door (articulated)
  • VDL Citea LLE 120 2 and 3 door (solo)
  • VDL Citea LLE 127 2 and 3 door (solo)
  • VDL Citea LLE 99 2 door (maxi midi)

Among Phase 2’s main updates was the line 100 and the MAN Lion’s City DD, but also we got the Modding tool. Other main updates were the multiplayer and it’s related features, which are under development currently.

In Phase 3, we are going to be able to create our own company, and at the end of every Phase, they release an update for performance and AI, which Phase 2 will receive as well.

As we are used to in some games, on The Bus’ Steam page we can find the Workshop, where the community’s shared projects can be downloaded from. In the next rows, similarly to Omsi and Lotus, we gathered some important items.
Besides of the released maps, there are many repaints, soundmods, displaymods and many-many little things are available on the game’s Steam Workshop.


This map could be familiar from OMSI – Der Omnisbus Simulator, now playable in this simulator. You can download it from TheBus Steam Workshop.


The city can be found in Poland’s south-eastern region, 10 kilometres away from the Ukraine border, where we can drive the east-west direction line 12. The map’s creator used TML Studio’s default buildings, in the lack of own objects.

The map’s creation’s processes can be followed on the creator’s Youtube channel. You can download it from the Steam Workshop.


The map takes place on multiple real german cities, for e.g. Wegberg, Beeck, Rath-Anhoven, Erkelen, which of 22 kilometres are available, through industrial and residential areas.
Currently there are 3 available lines: 412, 412k and a short train replacement.

You can download it and read a more detailed description on Steam, and any feedbacks about the map can be submitted on the Jannis Modding Discord server.

Castrop-Rauxel Map – Beta

Castrop-Rauxel city can be found in the Rhein-Ruhr region, near Dortmund. The map’s creator wants to achieve real topography and line network, with unique objects. As we have wrote it in the title, the map is currently in beta, the only drivable line is a fictional old town line (341), which is also under development.

If the map has gotten your liking, you can download it from the Steam Workshop.

Simrail is a Polish rail simulator using Unity engine. It was available as a freeware open beta version in the end of 2022, and in January 2023, it released as a payware Early Access game. Our job is to transport passengers and goods, just like in every other train simulator, this time on the Polish railway network. What makes this game more than most others is the built-in multiplayer mode, which allows us to join a server and help the trains reaching their destinations (or make the traffic even more chaotic), either by driving them or playing the role of the dispatcher at different stations.
Currently the following types are available:

  • EP07 (electric locomotive)
  • EU07 (electric locomotive)
  • EP08 (electric locomotive)
  • ET25 Dragon (electric locomotive)
  • E186 Traxx (electric locomotive)
  • EN76/EN96 Elf (electric multiple unit)
  • EN57/EN71 Kibel (electric multiple unit)
  • ED250 Pendolino (high-speed electric multiple unit)

The following types will also be available some time in the future, though some of them will not come as updates, rather as separate DLCs:

  • Ty2 (steam locomotive)
  • ET22-911, ET22-265, ET22-644 (electric locomotive)
  • SD70ACU (American diesel locomotive)
  • Škoda 163 (electric locomotive)

If you’re playing the role of the dispatcher, 2 types of signalling devices are available currently: a modern digital one and a classic Domino 67.
At the moment, 2 routes are available, both starts at Katowice, one of them goes to Warsaw, the other one to Sedziszów. The playable map will be expanded later, of course.

At last, let’s look at ourselves. What happened to us, how are the projects, what did we progress in, what’s the future holds? Let’s take a look!

What’s with the page?
Just as we started the website a few years ago, we stopped writing monthly articles as fast at the beginning of last year. Mostly maybe the main reason is demotivation. Despite less content, we are trying to improve the site, and you can see the design results of this here.

And now there will be new monthly articles?
No. We know very well that it would be “gap filling” if it were to, that’s why we wanted to take over from Omsi+, to carry on the “legacy”. But unfortunately we don’t have infinite time, this isn’t our job, so we can’t guarantee that we can gather everything every month. In the future, we will try to speak with more creators, try to do a few interviews, but systemic content is not to expect.

What’s with the ARC project?
Around 2 years ago the bus was placed on a new base, new scripts, we wanted fixed and more detailed models. This is how it currently stands and nothing has happened to it for quite some time, the project requires a complete overlook to see which parts are in what condition, what needs to be reconverted, and what necessary repairs are still left. In this regard, it’s future is uncertain.

What’s there to know about the PDZ modification?
When we tried to transfer to a new base, it got stuck, whether it will still be dealt with is uncertain.

When is the release of 7E?
There is some progress slowly, but a lot of objects are missing, so it’s questionable when it will be in a usable state. Most recently, this March, new buildings were added to the map, notably around Tisza István square and Zugló train station. Thanks to an Omsi Workshop member, an up-to-date timetable has also been added.

Are we still dealing with the TW6000?
The tram model wise is in the most advanced state, but there is no normal script, nor normal sound yet. We are not working on it at the moment, we are waiting to see where LOTUS is going, if it is going at all. However, this project will not be abandoned, it will be published and finished, only the release date is in question.

What’s up with line 81?
We haven’t written about it in detail on our workshop page, but it’s probably the most advanced of our maps, but it’s been stopped for a while. There is still work to be done, and it is closest to release, there is a chance that it will be completed at some point. More unique buildings, apartment and panel house models missing, and due to a tile fault caused by an earlier editor, everything in a ~300m section needs to be rebuilt, this also affects many carefully suspended overhead lines, and a lot of smaller detail elements.

So you’re not going to do anything anymore?
I wouldn’t say that, we’re just working in a reduced capacity, so we’re always focused on one thing at a time, but that’s only in a limited timeframe. For example, since summer we are working on the Ikarus’ updates. In addition to that, as I mentioned, we will also try to work on the website. In the past, we have started building several Budapest maps, that we have not reported on, so we would like to share the finished and unfinished work on those. We also have several object packages that are still work in progress, and we would like to release them after a little overview, so that they don’t gather dust on our computer drives.

Finally, we wish you all a prosperous and happy new year!

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