WIP projects:

Ikarus 415 (Szabó’s Workshop)

The work has begun on the .04 subtype. These were equipped with DAF engine and ZF transmission. Besides the interior display, the exterior got FOK-GYEM too, and most likely the creator wants it to be controlled by IBIS.

The firstly done MZE-415 has undergone a minor overhaul, both in terms of script and sound, and on a visual level, extra details were added to the passenger compartment, and from now on, the bus will run on real-sized wheels. The roof window has got new animation, the passenger- and cabin windows too. At last, the alarm in the passenger compartment got wired.

Add-On MAN Stadtbus- New Lion’s City (Mainmesh3D)

Based on previous information, the Lion’s City’s virtual replica will be released in March by Mainmesh3D, introduced by MAN in 2018, and mass-produced since 2019.
The addon will include 6 different versions:

  • 12.19 meter Lion’s City 12C (2 door version)
  • 12.19 meter Lion’s City 12C (3 door version)
  • 18 meter Lion’s City 18C (3 door version)
  • 18 meter Lion’s City 18C (4 door version)
  • 18.7 meter Lion’s City 19C (3 door version)
  • 18.7 meter Lion’s City 19C (4 door version)

You can choose from 260 to 380 horsepower engines and choose transmissions: Voith DIWA6 or ZF Ecolife Step 3. The model is based on prototypes, but plans to make an update with real versions, and fictitious versions, such as a 5-door articulated, or a double-decker solo. The DLC’s price can be found on Aerosoft’s website, and it will cost €19.15, but it will not cost less on Steam either.

MAN EL283 Minipack (Alexred2)

The creator is currently working to get the bus to have a MAN D0836 engine and ZF transmission sound, and to fix other minor deficiencies and errors. If the creator is done with these, the bus will be released for public beta.

Oktyabrsk [fictional] (Bushido)

Oktyabrsk is a fictional Russian, mostly urban map. Russian contents tend to have Cyrillic characters, and does not work with normal users, but do not worry, the creator is only using Latin characters for the files. There is not too many information about the map, to know exactly what kind of lines it will include, but based on the latest forum post, there will be a seasonal line too, which will only run from April to October besides urban lines.

Besides the pictures, we also got a generous 3-minute video, where we get an insight into a smaller section of the map.


WIP projects

Hannover A – Linien 10 und 17 (bjoernschneegans)

This project is made by two people, and construction began in October 2020. The map is half-fictional, but Hanover line 10 (Ahlem – Hauptbahnhof / ZOB) and line 17 (Hauptbahnhof / ZOB – Wallensteinstaße) will be included, in it’s current state in 2021. Present day, the section between Brunnenstraße and Goetheplatz is in an advanced state, the section is fully drivable, and the installation has already begun. If we just look at this section only, it is far enough away from being finished, the Glocksee Betriebshof is not done yet, the map is missing overhead cables on smaller sections, lamp fine-tunings, and the AIs are partially present only, road signs and road markings, utility lighting, etc. still incomplete. As with the other Hanover project, this will be watched with great interest.

Stadtbahn B-Wagen (Pandemist)

Pandemist presented with a few repaints on the forum, which variable elements will the tram contain. Among other things, we can choose a rollband, and folding blinds, but we can also change ticket validators from the ones being used now, to the ones used from 1979, and the mirrors from small and big. It can be changed into a learning vehicle (completely), which means for example the doors’ stairs’ place is replaced with a metal plate.