Let’s take a journey with Marci875 (another Hungarian content creator) to the third biggest lake in Hungary (well, if we don’t count Lake Fertő), and take a look on the transport around it!

At first, speak about yourself a little bit. Since when are you creating content for OMSI?


In the beginnings, I made a fictional map for OMSI 1 about 5-6 years ago. Then, when OMSI 2 was released, I was a little bit upset that there were no complex countryside maps with more bus lines for the game. So I decided that I’ll build a real map, and since I live in Velence, I chose the area nearby Lake Velence. Many years ago, I travelled a lot with bus on the northern coast of the lake, so I focused on that part first, from Velence to Székesfehérvár.

What do we need to know about the map? Does it represent the current or older states?


The map represents the state of the ’90s, which is a little bit hard, because that was the time when I was born, so my work is based on photos and other sources, but I think I can cope with this.

The map contains all routes from Fehérvár to Velence and Kápolnásnyék near Lake Velence, but if you want, you can take a pleasant trip around the lake as well.

Which lines will be playable on the map?


There are currently 17 lines on the map, and some of them even has more different routes. Before departure, it will be advised to take a look at the route map, because some parts are not easy to understand, but you’ll be able to navigate.

The timetable will be arranged in shifts instead of lines, because some lines have only 2 departures a day and some others have way more. Basically, there will be 12 shifts, including all-day, peak only, morning only and afternoon only ones. Hopefully everyone will find the perfect choice.

  • 8020: Székesfehérvár-Pákozd-Sukoró (Újfalu/forduló)
  • 8021:Székesfehérvár-Pákozd-Velence (Templom köz)
  • 8022:Székesfehérvár-Pákozd-Velence-Kápolnásnyék-Pázmánd-Vereb
  • 8026:Székesfehérvár-Pákozd-Velence-Gárdony-Agárd-Dinnyés-Székesfehérvár(circular line, goes around the lake both clockwise and anti-clockwise)
  • 8027:Székesfehérvár-Dinnyés-Gárdony-Velence-Pusztaszabolcs[-Felsőcikolapuszta]
  • 8028:Székesfehérvár-Dinnyés-Agárd(Gyógyfürdő)-Zichyújfalu
  • 8029:Székesfehérvár-Agárd-Gárdony-Velence
  • 8150:Velence(v.mh.-Malom-Szőlőhegy)-Nadap-Lovasberény(Vá.)
  • 8151:Sukoró(sz.bolt)-Velence-Gárdony-Agárd(Gyf.)
  • 8152:Gárdony (Kéktó étterem)-Agárd-Zichyújfalu
  • 8153:Gárdony (Kéktó étterem)-Agárd-Dinnyés-Agárd-Gárony/Körjárat/
  • 8154:Velence-Nadap-Sukoró
  • 8155:Kápolnásnyék-Pázmánd-Vereb
  • 8156:Velence-Kápolnásnyék-Vereb
  • 8157:Velence (Vízügyi ig.)-Gárdony (Kéktó étterem-Temető-Vá.)-Agárd (Gyf.-Marx Tér-Kék madár étterem) Gárdony(Vá.)-Velence (Vízügyi ig.)/circular line/
  • 8158:Gárdony(Kéktó étt.)-Agárd (Gyf.-Marx tér-Volán horgásztanya)-Dinnyés (Presszó)
  • 8159:Velence (v.mh)-Pusztaszabolcs
  • 8234:Pusztaszabolcs-Besnyő
  • 8237:Pusztaszabolcs-Felsőcikolapuszta-Zichyújfalu

Will the map have a vehicle modified or even made by you?


The map won’t have an own vehicle. For AI, I will use the Citybus/Regiobus addons with the Hungarian Volán repaint pack and certain license plates of buses which were running in certain shifts in those times.

What do you think about the performance?


I try to make the map ‘FPS-friendly’ but also detailed. It should run smoothly on middle class PCs. The area of Székesfehérvár has a little bit worse performance, but it’s not that bad.

In what phase is your map? What’s missing?


The map is 100% finished but some minor improvments are still needed. Tests are already running, including both the timetable bugs and the AI-traffic.

I have to mention that I’m not the only author of the map. For most of the time, I was working on my own (some pictures were shown earlier about this), but later, my friend MZN717 joined and helped me with the building and testing.

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