WIP projects:

Středočesko V2 [semi-fictional] (Peťulínek)

Pet’ulinek is working hard on the extension of the map, which will contain additional routes and more authentic Czech environment.

Setra S315UL (Perotinus)

The vehicle for the Thüringer Wald map is being made by Perotinus. He recently finished the Euro3 version. More informations can be found on the Webdisk forum.

Scania Citywide & Omnicity (Sobol)

Sobol started the year with a new project: the Scania Citywide family and its predecessor, the Omnicity.

Released projects:

Renault Agora S €2 2Doors – RATP(Paris) variant (TheFMrr)

The pack includes the Renault/Karosa Citybus 12 bus in diesel (with Voith or ZF gearboxes) and CNG (with ZF gearbox) versions. This type was in service in Paris between 1999 and 2017.

The mod is available on Webdisk.

Renault Agora L €2 PACK (TheFMrr)

The pack includes the 18m long Renault Agora L articulated bus in 16 versions. Diesel or CNG engine, ZF or Voith gearbox, 3 or 4-door versions, all are available in this mod.

You can download it from Webdisk.

Add-on Grand Paris-Moulon (Créations AgoraS-114)

In the last few weeks, the authors tested and optimized the map, and wrote the manual in 3 languages as well. Despite being that busy, they managed to keep the deadline, and released the map on 27 January, as promised. The DLC includes 13 routes with driving times between 15 minutes and 1 hour. The map also contains more than 500 new and unique objects, making a true French vibe whilst driving.

We also get an NGT C2 Citaro, a Heuliez GX327 and an MAN A23 and A47 as well. All of them are fitted with the French INEO system, which includes online extra content with a plugin.
The DLC can be purchased on Steam for €24.95


WIP projects:

Mercedes-Benz O405 (Tramkatze)

The author was busy mainly with the modules and setvar elements lately, so we’ll be able to vary the dashboard, displays or the doors. The model is really detailed, even the fuse board has every little part accurately modelled. More informations can be found on the LOTUS Forum.

The author also works on the little brother of the O405, the O402.

Hannover (B-Strecke) (Simulatorworld)

Hannover is served by 14 Stadtbahn (light rail) routes. Among them, lines 1, 2 and 8 are planned. The map is still in early phase, but we’ll definitely follow it, due to our WIP TW6000 project. More pictures and informations can be found on the LOTUS Forum.

Stadtbahn B-Wagen (Pandemist)

A new video was posted about the tram, which tells us new informations about the current state of the project.

LEW MXA (Hévműhely)

The team was in silence for a while, but in the beginning of the year, they wrote a new post. They said there wasn’t much to present, since they were about to finish the models. Later, they posted a picture about the driver’s cabin, which shows what they were doing in the past 2 years.