So here we are at the end of the year (in fact, it’s already 2021 when you’re reading this), let’s see what happened in the last month! A huge thanks to all of you who followed us in this really challenging year. Happy new year to everyone!


WIP projects

Ikarus 415 (Szabó’s Workshop)

The last pictures about the bus were from May, since then, many things happened to it, especially the models, textures, animations and scripts were improved. The interior lights, the passengercabin and the paths of the passengers are almost finished, some minor details are still missing.
Release is planned in the next year. More variants of the first generation might be made in the future, if the author manages to get all the necessary information.

Released projects

Add-on Saint Servan (Palme d’or)

The Add-on Saint Servan was released in the middle of the month. This is a fictional French map, which contains some real elements as well. 8 lines can be found on the map, there are urban and also interurban ones among them, the driving time is varied between 10 and 50 minutes. The pack also includes a 12 m long Irisbus Citelis. The Add-on can be purchased on Steam for €24.95 and it’s also available on Aerosoft for €26.63.

Add-On Citybus 628c & 628g (Kajosoft/Kajott3D)

The long awaited Conecto pack by Kajott finally released in the beginning of the month. The payware Add-on includes both solo and articulated versions with Euro5 or Euro6 engines and cca. 25 setvar elements, for example ticket stampers, driver’s cabin doors and so on. We also get a total of 80 real and semi-fictional repaints, although there aren’t any logos on them, since the Add-on is payware. The DLC can be purchased on Steam for €14.95.

Add-On London (Rhys McColin)

This also long awaited Add-on released in the beginning of the month as well. The DLC leads us to the capital of the UK, where we can explore the sights of the city on 16 driveable lines behind the steering wheel of 4 different bus types, including the well-known New Routemaster (aka. Borismaster) by Wrightbus. The Add-on is available on Steam for €29.95 or you can purchase it on Aerosoft for €31.96.

Add-on Heuliez Bus-Pack (Acrotere Design)

This add-on was released on Steam in the middle of December. It can be purchased for €17.95. As mentioned before in the review of the last month, the GX327 type is available in 20 different versions, which can be fully configured with the countless amount of setvars. According to some news, the Heuliez GX427 will be added in January as a free update.


WIP projects

ČKD Tatra T4D (Kartoffelphantom)

When Kartoffelphantom started making this tram, he didn’t really think that it would end up in Lotus. He’s planning to make it modular, but he needs to keep an eye of the system requirements as well. The video below shows the current state of the tram.

Stadtbahn B-Wagen (Pandemist)

The model was fully refurbished, more photo textures were used and the scripts were improved as well. There’s still a lot to do, for example the improvement of the tram’s physics and sound. More pictures can be found on the LOTUS Forum.

Released projects

MAN Lion’s City (Alper)

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the MAN Lion’s City by Alper (based on V3D-s model for Omsi) arrived in our virtual garage. The package includes 3 types, the A21, A37 and the interurban A20, currently with only 2 doors, VDV dashboard, Voith gearbox and one engine type. However, many things can be already configured, for example the doors (manual or automatic door control, inward opening, outward opening, sliding doors, etc.) or the logos (EEV or Euro6). The pack is available at Steam Workshop.

He also started the articulated Lion’s City. He’s planning 3 versions: the A40 in 3-door and 4-door edition and the A43 in 4-door edition. More pictures can be found on the LOTUS Forum.