WIP projects:

MAN Lion’s City DD (Sobol)

The Neoman pack by Sobol will contain 119 variants in the final version. One of them is the famous giant from Berlin, about which we received pictures recently. If you want to see more, check out his Facebook page.

Ikarus C56.42 (jxbell)

Finally we can see the bus in motion. The sounds are currently not the best, hopefully they’ll be improved later.

MAN Stadtbus New Lion’s City (Halycon Media)

We haven’t found many informations about this project on the website of Halycon Media, a solo and an articulated variant is being made currently, that’s all we know. The release date and the price will be published later.

AddOn Saint-Servan (Halycon Media)

The Saint-Servan DLC will contain 8 bus lines, all of which start in the city centre, and terminate in the suburbs. The map itself is fictional, however, real elements are included. We’ll also get a 3-door Irisbus Citelis with the Add-On. For more informations, visit the webpage of Halycon Media.

Released projects

VDL Citea LLE (dsgn.mx200)

By the courtesy of dsgn.mx200, we’re now able to drive the BVG variant of this bus. Available on Webdisk forum.

Dunántúl 3.0 (Milán Komlósi)

The 3.0 version of the map Dunántúl Fictional released, waiting for you to discover the neighborhood of Esztergom. Available on the Downloads -> Maps page of our site.

Add-On Bad Hügelsdorf 1.4

Line 318 was updated, a new Halloween Chrono event was added, and 2 new towns (Erlengrund and Bucheneck) were built.

And last but not least, the developer team is working on the optimization of the map.
The DLC can be purchased on Steam for €24.95.


The EA.080 update was released in the end of the month. The biggest change is that the pedestrians were put into the game. Some of them might be familiar from Omsi, for example the character of ,,Manfred”. Although they wait in the bus/tram stops patiently, they’re not boarding the vehicles yet. Hopefully, they will be able to do it soon.

WIP projects:

Mercedes-Benz O405 (TramKatze /Strabuwerk)

Althought these are still render pictures about the bus, but one can see that it got textures.

According to the description, we will be able to change/modify most elements through the Module-System.

For more pictures, check out the Forum.

Duewag N8C – KVG Kassel (Tramkatze/Strabuwerk)

This time, the author focused on the driver’s cabin. Only a few details are missing, however, he needs information for that. Till he can’t do it, he works on the O405 mentioned above. More informations can be found on the Forum.


The TramSim finally released in the end of October. In this game, we can explore the Austrian capital, Vienna. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, so it looks really pretty. Currently, only tram line 1 is available, and we can drive the Bombardier Flexity (also known as Wiener Linien Type D) tram only, which was built from 2017. The line is a little bit longer than 10 km, the average journey time is 45 minutes. The physics are OK, but there are still bugs and missing parts in the game. We don’t have modding tools currently, all we can do at the moment is repainting the tram. If you’re interested in the game, you can purchase it on Steam for €34.95.