WIP projects

Add-On Irisbus Intercity Pack (Halycon Media)

Kescrole’s Irisbus pack will be released as a DLC on 31 December 2020, according to a post on Halycon Media. The pack will contain 7 verisons:

  • Crossway Euro 5 / 10,6 m / 45 seats
  • Crossway Euro 5 / 12 m / 55 seats
  • Crossway Euro 5 / 12,8 m / 59 seats
  • Crossway Euro 5 / High Value 12,8 m / 59 seats
  • Recreo Euro 5 / 12 m / 59 seats
  • Recreo Euro 5 / 12,8 m / 61 seats
  • Arway Euro 5 / 12 m / 49 seats

The buses will have French passenger information system, and there will be several setvars in the interior. Currently, there’s no information about the price, further details can be found on the site of Halycon Media or on Kescrole’s Facebook page.

Borsod Region (kenike)

In the last month, the town of Parasznya appeared on the map.

Börzsöny Remastered (UP333)

The development continues still after the release of version V3. Last time, UP333 was working on the Slovakian part of the map, and he finished the section between Ipolyság/Šahy railway station and the main road.

Börzsöny mapon is zajlik az élet, végre van idő, energia, és kedv a folytatáshoz. Most egy új utca éült be Ipolyságon, a…

Közzétette: OMSI 2 Fiktivcity-pálya csoport – 2020. szeptember 12., szombat

Released projects

Neoman Overhaul 2.1 (Sobol)

As he promised, the Neoman Overhaul 2.1 pack was released in the beginning of September. This includes the MAN A20, A21 and A37 buses in diesel, CNG, LPG and Hybrid versions, as well as a diesel Neoplan N4516. There are a bunch of repaints and setvars in the buses, similarly to the previous version. The pack is available on webdisk.


WIP projects

LEW MXA (Hévműhely)

Good news for cyclists: The multifunctional area in the interior is finished, so you can travel with your bikes easier than before!

Végre a bicikliseknek is van hely utazni!

Közzétette: Hévműhely – 2020. szeptember 23., szerda

Budapest, H5-ös hév (Sziriusz12)

Sziriusz12 started the development in March 2019, when he constructed Szentendre station, the northern terminus of the line. Since then, Balzska helped him with many things. In summer 2019, an early access version was released, which included the route between Szentendre and Margit híd, budai hídfő (ground level) stations.

From February 2020, the map was updated step-by-step, at first from Szentendre to Pomáz, later to Békásmegyer, and finally on the full length of the line. Some unique objects were made already, but only a few of them were put in the game, so the route might look empty.

A number of reviews mentioned performance issues, so he started a “Performance update” in September, which means that he replaces the 3D trackbed with a more optimized 2D one. Besides that, he also made the missing underground section to Batthyány tér, although it’s not in the final state.

The route of the replacement buses is also planned, and the Volánbusz suburban bus lines 869 and 872 might be added later as well. There’s still a lot to do on the map. The early access version is available via Steam Workshop, and recent updates can be found on the Facebook page of the map or on the LOTUS Forum.

Duewag N8C – KVG Kassel (Tramkatze/Strabuwerk)

The first parts were converted into the game, some pictures were posted about it on the LOTUS Forum. After that, some errors were fixed, and we saw some photos about the newer models.

The most recent render pictures show the left mirrors, the openable windows and the details of the steps.

MAN Lion’s City pack (Alper)

The author is currently working on the A21/A37 types. The bus got the original MAN dashboard, which is fully animated apart from some functions of the on-board display. The openable windows were put in, the interior lighting is working, the A37 version now has its different engine layout, and some models in the interior and the driver’s cabin were corrected. More informations can be found on the LOTUS Forum.