WIP projects

Setra S3xx NF Familie (Stapellurch)

There’s been really spectacular changes since we last wrote about this project. Most models got textures, which can be seen in the 2 pictures below. More informations can be found on the Webdisk page of the project.

Citybus 628c & 628g (Kajott3D)

Kajott showed us what setvars did he made for the Conecto, and if you’d like to make repaints, you can download a sample for the bus.

Ikarus 415.26 (ddrucsko)

According to our latest informations, the interior starts to be in shape, the inner moldings and cover elements are placed and the dashboard is partially done. The back of the bus, some elements from the interior and the sounds are not finished.

Neoman Overhaul (Sobol)

The Neoman Overhaul pack will get a new update soon. The version 2.1 will contain a Neoplan N5416 besides the MAN A20, A21 and A37. Release is planned on 4 September.

Irisbus Citybus Pack (Tomikovec)

The last time we heard news from this project was in January, since then, many changes have happened to the bus. In the end of August, a new picture was posted, in memoriam of the withdrawal of the Irisbus Citybus buses from the DPP (Public transport company of Prague) fleet.

Add-On London (Rhys McColin)

We haven’t heard news from the London DLC for a long time, but it appeared in the Aerosoft NextSim live stream. The Addon will contain 5 depots, 10 daytime and 3 night bus lines and 4 types of buses. We have no information about release date, but it might release soon.

OMSI 2 Add-On London: Trailer 1

A sneak peek into the upcoming OMSI 2 Add-On LondonClips taken by Rhys McCollinVideo Edited by and Donavere Benjamin-MahonWe'll be back soon with more information!

Közzétette: OMSI 2 Add-On London – 2020. augusztus 28., péntek

Add-On Saint Servan (Palme d’Or)

This map leads us to the Brittany region in France. It contains 7 driveable lines. There’s no release date yet, more informations can be found on the site of the Halycon Media or on the Webdisk Forum.

Released projects

Berlin BRT (Halycon Media)

The Berlin BRT is a seperate map from the Berlin X10, although it contains the same route in the state of 2019 and adds some fictional extensions. The other DLC is not required, so we also get the MAN DL05 double-decker bus, and also a solo Mercedes-Benz C2 with Euro6 engine. The DLC can be purchased on Steam for €14.95.

Coachbus 256 (Long Vehicle’s Team)

The name of the Long Vehicle’s Team might be familiar for you, they released the Coachbus 250 DLC back in the end of 2018. Now they released another one, which contains the popular Ikarus 256 in 11 versions. If you’re interested in this DLC, you can purchase it on Steam for €14.95.


The TramSim is an Unreal Engine 4-based tram simulator developed by ViewApp. In the game, we can drive a Bombardier Flexity tram across the streets of Vienna on line 1. Release is planned in the end of October.