WIP projects:

Citybus 628c & 628g (Kajott3D)

Kajott improved some setvars, and the bus got really close to be finished. Release is expected in August or September. You can find more videos on his Youtube channel about the different versions.

Citybus 628 LF OMSI 2: Budapest & Budapest Airport repaints. I presented Budapest in standard version, but later I made some fix in setvars. Budapest Airport is a new repaint, wasn't presented before.

Közzétette: Kajott3d – 2020. július 18., szombat

Karosa C935.1034 Récréo (Julien_515)

A new video shows the sounds of the vehicle, although these are not the final ones, the author still needs some engine sounds. You can follow this project on the author’s Facebook page.

Thüringen Wald [fictional] (Tristan98)

Thüringen Wald is a fictional map containing German towns. The first version will include 4 driveable lines. Perotinus makes a Setra S315UL for the map. Tristan98 posted some pictures about line 739 recently.

Ikarus 415.26 (ddrucsko)

ddrucsko gave us a detailed list about the improvements that happened to the bus. Now it’s based on the Ikarus 256.42 made by Bozsi42. They decided, what setvars they want to make, and even started some. The windows and the dashboard are done, the animation of the latter has started. Although the interior looks fine on the pictures, they’re planning to restart it.

Released projects:

Solbus Solcity pack (Sobol)

Sobol wrote a post on Discord, that someone leaked the bus among his Patreon subscribers, so he decided to publish it officially. The project is still WIP, so the released version contains some mistakes. The pack includes 4 versions: SM10 2D, SM10 3D, SM12 3D, SM18 4D. You can download it from Webdisk.

Středočesko [semi-fictional] (Peťulínek)

At first, a timelapse video was posted about the updated vegetation. And in the end of the month, the map was finally released, it’s highly recommended for everyone who’s interested in a rural Czech map! Here’s a Forum link to the map and a direct link to download.


WIP projects:

ČKD Tatra KT4Dtm (Kartoffelphantom)

Another video was posted about this Czech beauty, in which Kartoffelphantom presents us the battery cabinet and informs us about the latest news. More details can be read on the Forum.

LEW MXA (Hévműhely)

After a longer break, the team posted about the project in the beginning of the month. Although they didn’t say so many details, one can see that the interior starts to take shape.

A következő megálló: Kvassay híd végállomás. Az ajtók a jobb oldalon nyílnak…

Közzétette: Hévműhely – 2020. július 9., csütörtök

Bremen Stadt (DennisK.)

A map about Bremen is not the same without a tram from Bremen, right? Well, the authors of the map thought the same, so they started to make a Bombardier Flexity Classic (a GT8N-1, to be more accurate) tram. They received the required material in March. We have no information about release date, but the authors said that it’s not expected before 2022. More informations can be found on the Forum.

Siemens/DüWag NF6 (Dany1011)

The tram is now converted into the game, the development and testing is in progress. More informations can be found on the Forum.

ČKD Tatra T3R.P (Schleifleiste)

Besides the T6A5, the author started another Czech legend, the T3R.P, which is the most common type in Prague. The current seats are only for testing, they will be replaced with original ones later. More pictures and informations can be found on the Forum.