WIP projects:

Citybus 628c & 628g (Kajott3D)

Kajott told us that he doesn’t know when will he have the opportunity to record new sounds, so he won’t wait any longer and will release the DLC on Steam between July and the end of September, according to his plans. He also told us that among others, we’ll be able to customize the gearbox buttons via setvars as well.

Hello, May finished, so I have to announce what I decided with Citybus 628c & 628g LF: At the moment I'm fixing all bugs…

Közzétette: Kajott3d – 2020. június 5., péntek

Summer has officially arrived, that means one can expect really high temperatures. In order to make travelling (and in our case, driving as well) a little bit more comfortable, he finished the aircon scripts, so our lovely passengers can enjoy the cooldown after this crazy period. However, if you want to have some wellness, Kajott also has an offer: You can drive your bus without aircon, too!

Citybus 628 LF for OMSI 2: I finished script of automatic temperature control panel. Bus without air conditioning, have panel with 3 buttons. Bus with air conditioning, have panel with 5 buttons.

Közzétette: Kajott3d – 2020. június 29., hétfő

Ikarus 415.26 (jxbell,ddrucsko)

If you’re an active member of the Hungarian community, you might heard about this project in 2017, when jxbell presented it. Then, we haven’t heard about the project for a while. Our team got the model later, and we continued the project with the knowledge we had back then, but the development stopped, and we’re not planning to release it for Omsi (many things should’ve been done in another way and the bus is not in the state that it could be released).

In the beginning of June, ddrucsko and his team also got the base model. Since then, they converted it to the game and updated it with their own models, too.

The 415.09 and 415.15 types are planned, too. They are not sure about the articulated version.

MAN NM192 (Sobol)

The smallest member of the MAN bus family is Sobol’s spontaneous project, which was presented on his Discord server.

The bus is available for beta testing only for Patreon supporters. As the Solbus, this MAN is playable, too. It has bugs and some parts are missing, but Sobol keeps an eye of the comments and try to fix the problems.

Ikarus C56 (jxbell)

jxbell asked the community in April, what setvars would we like to see in his Ikarus C56. In the beginning of the month, he posted some pictures about the bus. Every outside light is done, so are some setvars. Among others, the seats can be changed, one can put hubcaps on the wheels, and if you don’t like the Ikarus logo, you can get rid of it.

Středočesko [semi-fictional] (Peťulínek)

The author posts pictures about the map in almost every month, so happened this in June. Currently he’s working on the vegetation. More infos can be found on the Czech Omsi Forum.

Released projects:

Add-On E-Bus Hamburg (Darius Bode)

In the beginning of June, Darius Bode released his Mercedes-Benz eCitaro. The addon contains both the 2-door and the 3-door version. With the release of the addon, the Hafencity DLC was updated as well. It got a new garage, where we can charge our new electric buses. The addon can be purchased via Steam, the price is €9.95.


WIP projects:

Siemens/DüWag NF6 (Dany1011)

The tram was put in service in 1996, on the 100th anniversary of the Rheinbahn. This was the first low-floor tram type in Düsseldorf. The project can be considered as a semi-fictional one, because the author doesn’t have the necessary knowledge in Blender. More informations can be found on the official LOTUS Forum.

DÜWAG / Siemens NF6 [Düsseldorf] (Phillip Zunk)

Phillip’s name might be familiar for you, mainly because he’s one of the developers of the Düsseldorf addon, but he was also one of the authors of the NF6D addon for Omsi 2. This tram is a side project which he makes in his free time. The original models are from Omsi. Currently, this type is being refurbished in Düsseldorf, and Phillip plans both the unrefurbished and the refurbished version. More informations can be found on the LOTUS Forum.

Released projects:

Budapest – Millennium Underground Railway (Bzmot332)

The line, which is part of the metro line M1 today, opened in 1896, the 1000th anniversary (millennium) of Hungary. This was the first underground railway in Europe, which operated with electric units. The map in LOTUS shows the state of the ’70s, not long before the complete refurbishment and extension of the line. This time, the line operated between Gizella tér (today: Vörösmarty tér) and Artézi fürdő (today: Széchenyi fürdő) stations. The map also contains an authentic subway vehicle. You can download the map from Steam workshop, or via the link in the description of the following video: