WIP projects:

Scania Citywide pack (Lanek)

Nearly one year after the last post, new informations were released about this project on the official OMSI forum. It’s based on the 3-door Scania Citywide GN14 by alterr, which was released in 2015. The following versions are planned:

  • 10.9LF 2-2-0, 2-2-2
  • 12LF 2-2-0, 2-2-2
  • 12LF CNG 2-2-0, 2-2-2
  • 18LF 2-2-2-0, 2-2-2-1, 2-2-2-2

Also the LE versions are planned, but they will be released later. The 10.9LF and the 12LF are about 95% done, the textures of the on-board display need to be changed and some details are missing, for example the window frame.

Setra S315 NF (Stappellurch)

In this month, the interior was in focus. The handrails, seats, wind catchers and some details around the door moving rails were added, as well as other things around the driver’s cab. More informations can be found here.

Released projects:

Volvo 7700A FL Sound mod (Ratti)

As it was recommended, Ratti stayed at home and started working on the bus. In the beginning of the month, he posted 2 videos about the unique sounds of the Facelift Volvo and in the middle of the month, he released the sound mod. In the videos, one can enjoy the B9LA Voith sound, both inside and outside. The mod can be downloaded from webdisk.

AddOn Düsseldorf DLC (Kevin Nitschmann, Christian Rolle)

A new DLC has been released for the game. It contains 5 driveable lines and a 4th generation Solaris articulated bus. Oh, and don’t forget to mention the Chrono events as well! The addon can be purchased via Steam or Aerosoft.

Here you can see a review video by Florian Kahle:

Börzsöny-Fictional Remastered (U.P, Routeres)

After a long wait, the final version of this map was released. It contains 21 lines and around 40 repaints for 22 buses. You can download it from the authors’ Facebook page or from our site.


WIP projects:

MAN NG313 (Cedric)

The bus might be familiar from the MAN Stadtbusfamilie DLC made for OMSI, even though the body was remodelled. According to the current informations, the project will be released as a freeware addon.
At the moment, the bus is based on the default Lion’s City DD. In the interior, 2 types of internal passenger information displays are done, as well as the articulation, which even has animation, but it’s not working correctly at the moment, since articulation is not supported yet. Further informations can be found on the Forum.

Düwag GT8Z (Pandemist, Jitano, kestra94)

Kestra94 and two friends showed their other project besides the B-wagen (which was mentioned earlier): the GT8Z. This vehicle was made by DÜWAG in the ’60s. Unfortunately, the last piece was transported to Sofia in 1994, so only archive photos and videos are available for the authors, which makes the development harder. More pictures about the tram can be found on the Forum.

MAN Lion’s City A21 (Alper)

In the past few weeks, he was working mainly on repaints, but he also made or improved some models. Among others, the sunblind, Euro6 logos and the brake lights were added and some errors in the textures were corrected. You can find more pictures about the repaints on the Forum.

Düwag NGT6C KVG Kassel (TramKatze)

A total of 25 vehicles of this type were produced for Kassel. Currently, 21 of them are still in service in 2 versions: original and refurbished. Both are planned in the game. Further informations can be found on the Forum.

ČKD Tatra KT4Dtm (Kartoffelphantom)

After a long break, more pictures were posted on the Forum in the middle of the month. There are small differences between each vehicle (for example, the colour of the interior or the ČKD logo), these will be added to the game as well. If you want to read more about this project, click here.

Released projects:

Düsseldorf 1981 DLC (Julian)

In the end of the month, Julian released his Düsseldorf DLC as an Early Access version. Here are some infos, that are good to know:
In the first phase, we got an 8 km long route, which is part of line 76. We also got rolling stock in that phase, one can drive the DÜWAG GT8S, GT8SU, GT8, B4 and B80 types. Later, we’ll get more sections and an AI MAN SG192 as an update.
In the second phase, we’ll get the full length of lines 76 and 714 (this one will be added in sections as smaller updates), as well as the driveable DÜWAG GT6, AI Krefelder M8C and AI Krefelder GT8.
The third phase will be the final version. This will contain all content mentioned befora, as well as line 710, AI MAN Metrobus and other contemporary vehicles. Therefore, one can drive on a ca. 40 km long network.
The DLC is a little bit more expensive than expected: The first phase costs €34,99, the second one €39,99 and the final one €49,99. It’s important, that if you buy the map in the first phase, you’ll also get the full version later through the updates, without paying extra money.