WIP projects:

Mercedes-Benz Citaro C1 (Kajott3D)

Kajott made the following announcement: If his Facebook page reaches 2000 followers, he’ll release a free beta version of his Citaro. The bus is still unfinished, some functions are not working, but it’s playable. The current state can be seen in the video below.

Mercedes-Benz Citaro Facelift (Kajott3D)

Kajott also showed a project, which has been paused for a while and is still unfinished. He’s planning to continue it, but it’s possible that he will make it for another game instead of OMSI.

Another bus which wait for finish is Citybus o530 Facelift (Mercedes-Benz Citaro Facelift). At the moment the project is…

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Add-On Digibus Phantom (V3D)

On Steam, one can find a new DLC, the Digibus Phantom, which is actually called Optare Spectra in real life. In the DLC, we have an option for a 3-speed or 4-speed Voith transmission, but we also get a classic ticket printer from the ’90s, and there will be 16 different more setvars in the bus. Release is planned in April.

Neoplan Centroliner Familie (Sobol)

Sobol continues his Neoplan family with a new type, last time he posted a picture about the N4416 Centroliner CNG. It’s also worth following his Youtube-channel, he often makes livestreams about how he’s doing his projects.

Štredočesko (semi-fictional) (Peťulínek)

Štredočesko is a semi-fictional map, based on the central parts of Czechia. The development started in February 2019, and some pictures were already posted then. The map will contain real routes, termini and timetables, and the developer guarantees a classic Czech environment. In this area, the services are operated by ČSAD Benešov and ICOM Transport, the map will include the livery of both companies. Version 1.0 will contain 5 driveable lines.

438 – Štěchovice <> Netvořice,Pošta
440 – Štěchovice <> Štěchovice, Masečín
485 – Netvořice,Pošta (> Maskovice > Netvořice,Pošta)<> Rabyně,Měřín/Nová Rabyně
455 – Rabyně,Měřín,Zotavovna <> Neveklov,Jablonná
734 (fictional school bus route) – Štěchovice,Masečín <> Hradištko,Zámek

Released projects:

Addon Regiobus i200 update (Bustrainz)

In the review of February, we informed you that Bustrainz makes an update for the DLC containing the Ikarus 260.27 and 260.51 types. Well, we didn’t have to wait so long for that, in the beginning of March, he released the update. If you don’t own the DLC yet, but got interested, you can find it here.

AI pack vol 7 – KI busse (Halycon Media)

Here’s another AI pack made by Halycon Media, this time we’re focusing on buses. For the regular price of €12.95, we get an Euro5 solo Citaro C2 in 2 and 3-door variants, an articulated one in 3 and 4-door variants, a Setra S415UL with 2 front types and an S531DT. If you want these buses running on your map, you can purchase the DLC here.

Mercedes-Benz O303 (Perotinus)

A new high-quality vehicle was added to the fleet of OMSI. We had to wait a really long time for it, but it finally happened: Perotinus released his Mercedes-Benz O303 project. The bus has more setvars, for example the ticket printer, the hubcaps, the seats, etc. You can download it here. The Citybus O305 DLC is required for the bus.

NEOMAN Overhaul BETA (Sobol)

Sobol released another beta version of this pack, which is available on Webdisk. It includes many versions of the Lion’s City family, but some types are still missing, for example the articulated versions and the ones with a seperate trailer (like in Munich). The pack contains a Neoplan N4516 with 2 types of engine and 2 types of transmission as well.

NEOMAN Overhaul 2.0b released!

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Ikarus 256.50V (Bocskor and GMI)

After a long wait, the developer team finally released this pack on their site. The pack contains 5 different buses, each based on certain vehicles from the real life.


The developers of LOTUS published a video about the current state of AI. It’s still not perfect, for example the cars don’t react to buses, don’t overtake, don’t use headlights and blinkers, and don’t switch lanes. The development of the pedestrians also began, but they’re not ready to be showed yet. If everything goes right, they will be added to the game together with the cars. The passengers will come later due to their more complex behaviour.

WIP projects:

LEW MXA (Hévműhely)

Team Hévműhely did really well in this month. Some changes happened to the interior, too, but we’re focusing on the driver’s cabin now. The driver’s seat and the announcer are done, and some parts finally got textures.

Vajon mit mutathatnak a műszerek?

Közzétette: Hévműhely – 2020. március 27., péntek

Twinaue (fictional) (DoBrWtal85)

Twinaue is a fictional map for LOTUS. The developer told us that he’s planning to spend a lot of time with building the map, because he hasn’t got familiar with the map editor yet. He couldn’t tell informations about the size of the map, but he’s trying to make as many details as possible.

In a recent post he informed us that the main station was entirely rebuilt, in order to make enough place for the buses. The map can be used in multiplayer, and the platforms were extended, so now more vehicles can stop at them at the same time.

The map will contain 4 tram lines and 1 bus line. Among the normal gauge (1435 mm) tram lines, there will be also a narrow gauge (1000 mm) one.